Rebels "male" Grunt helmet

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Lonewolf Customs Clan Wren "male" Grunt helmet as worn by Tristan Wren and other background Mandalorians in season 4 of Rebels.

The helmet kit comes standard comes with 2 symmetrical ear caps as well as our standard baggie of resin "greeblies" for you to utilize to customize your helmet, armor, weapons, or other props, and a template to utilize in making a t-visor. 

Helmets come as a raw cast, as shown. You will need to cut out the t-visor area(s) vents where applicable, sand, prep, and prime before painting your helmet. If you would like to purchase finishing services, please view our finishing services page

Variant: Rangefinder upgrade

The Rangefinder Kits are a $15 upgrade to a helmet kit at time of ordering. The rangefinder can be placed on either side of the helmet as it is interchangeable on the Grunt helmet.

The Grunt is available in two sizes, "small" and "large". 

You can see the measurements in the photos, however please note that these are the exterior measurements (unless otherwise specified). Our helmets are hand cast and therefore thicknesses can vary helmet to helmet, however they are typically about 1/4" thick. We recommend going by your hat measurement to decide if this helmet will fit you.


The small is intended for those with a more petite hat size, fitting approximately up to a hat size 7 1/8. 

We do not currently sell a t-visor that fits the Grunt small but we do send a template along with the helmet for you to make one. 


Our Grunt is in the style of the animated series and therefore the cheeks are not as deep so this helmet accommodates for larger heads, typically fitting  approximately up to a hat size 8.5. 

If you would like to order a t-visor with your helmet that fits the Grunt large, you can purchase one here

As orders are custom made to order items, we have a strict no returns/all sales final policy. You can read more about our policies in our FAQs.


This helmet model was a custom proprietary commission designed for Lonewolf Customs designed by Midnight Oil Props.

Customer Reviews

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Rebels "male" Grunt helmet

Rebels Grunt Helmet size Small

SinceI I found out that the original Grunt helmet was too big for my 7 1/8" head, I've been patienly waiting for the smaller size to be released. Now, that I have it, I'm super pleased! It is the most most accurate Rebels-style Mando helmet I've ever seen! The overall finish has practically no flaws, which definitely minimizes paint prepping. Best of all, it fits PERFECT! This is my first time working on a Mando helmet and I'm so looking forward to when I'll be able to wear it at the cons.
Thank you Lonewolf Customs!

Great Quality Raw Helmet - Easy to Work With

I was really worried about spending the money on a helmet that I needed to finish, since I’d never worked with this material before. But the raw kit needed very little work to sand out the seam and the material sands very easily. The weight is light enough to be comfortable for long term wear.

The large size was too big for me, so I’ve reordered the small size. The large will make a lovely gift though.

Great product AMAZING service

So I bought the grunt helmet thinking I could finish the prep myself. I was wrong. I contacted them on Facebook asked if I could send it back for prep service was told no problem 😉 received it back today ready to paint and finish! Thanks again for everything!

Great Helmet for a big head

I wear a size 8 hat and several helmets I've tried just don't fit. This helmet fits great and I have enough room inside that I don't feel closed in.