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*****SORRY! Effective IMMEDIATELY through Tues, June 02 we will be suspending new sales of helmet services (painting/finishing services, etc) so that we have time to catch up on existing orders.*****


If you wish to add on any finishing services to your helmet, please be sure to add the appropriate service below to your cart. Painting/finishing services do NOT include the cost of the helmet, but are an add-on service. You must also purchase a helmet in addition to the desired service.

Services Explained: 

  • Vent and visor cut out services- cut out the t-visor area, back and cheek vents (where applicable), excess resin on neck opening, etc. [this adds 1 week to order fulfillment]
  • Prep Services- includes the above along with attaching ear caps (where applicable), spot fill where needed, and basic sanding. [This adds 2 weeks to order fulfillment]
  • Fully finished w/basic paint job- includes all the above along with a basic paint job (no more than 3 colors, and no more than 2 symbols (ex: a set of jaig eyes is one symbol, kill stripes are one symbol) and topical weathering (one black acrylic paint wash), and purchase and install of a smoked black acrylic t-visor. [This adds 4-6 weeks to order fulfillment]
  • Fully finished w/deluxe paint job- all the above, and includes layered weathering. [This adds 4-6 weeks to order fulfillment]

    If you purchase painting services, we will contact you via email (using the email address you enter when you check out) to discuss what paint scheme you would like.*  

    Please note: We only offer smoked black acrylic t-visors at this time.

      * We do not offer the Boba Fett or Jango Fett paint schemes, the chrome/silver "beskar" paint job seen on The Mandalorian, nor a copy of Lonewolf's personal Executioner helmet paint scheme.

      Finishing and or painting services do not include the cost of the helmet. You will need to purchase both a helme and the services you would like.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Caola Rood
      Helmet with Finishing Services

      This helmet is absolutely gorgeous. Everything about it is sturdy, clean, well-made, and well cared for during production and finishing. Every piece is smooth and fits together seamlessly, and the entire helm is perfectly prepared for me to start painting. I am so happy to have this amazing piece to work with for my next build.

      Justin Ullery
      Finishing Services

      Every hole is cut beautifully and smooth. Sanding is really well done.

      All in all, really great work.

      Jeff H
      Great helmet, great preparation

      Great helmet, great preparation, thank you Lonewolf Customs!

      Air'k Wilde
      Great for first bucket

      Well worth the added expense, especially if it is your first build and you have literally no idea what you are doing!

      Steven Kintop
      Amazing Build Quality

      The 3-D printed buckets always feel so delicate. For about the same price, this bucket is super strong. The cast is so freaking well done, I absolutely love this helmet.